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Survey Junkie Review Is Survey Junkie really a decent way to make money? Is Survey Junkie legitimate?

These are the questions we keep getting asked. Here at DollarSprout, we’re big fans of paid online surveys that help us earn extra money every month answering questions while simultaneously binge watching our favorite Netflix shows. And Survey Junkie is one of our go-to’s.

But our readers (that’s you!) wanted to know more, so we put together this Survey Junkie review to answer the most pressing questions about making money with this tool.

First, a brief introduction —

Survey Junkie is a paid online survey site founded in 2013. The opinions you provide (via surveys) can help companies improve an existing product you use or develop new ones you’ll love. The best part, of course, is that companies pay you for your opinions.

More on that to come.

How does Survey Junkie work?


Here’s the low-down on how Survey Junkie affords to pay members for their opinions and how you can get a piece of the pie.

Surveys are market research

Like most paid survey sites that can help you earn cash easily, you are compensated for sharing your time and consumer perspective as a service to a company. The entire idea behind surveys, of course, is to better understand what customers want and need — that’s market research!

To make this information actionable during product development, companies must categorize what they know about who typically buys what products. This is precisely why you are asked to share some personal information on your profile, including:

  • how much shopping you do for your household
  • key demographic information, like household income, gender, and relationship status
  • health habits, personal interests, or travel service loyalty
  • pet ownership status
  • household use of technology

When starting surveys, you may come across a message at some point like “We’re sorry — you did not qualify for this survey.”

Don’t feel bad! It isn’t personal. It’s just because you aren’t the typical customer for the product or service they’re looking to improve.

Become a member to start earning with Survey Junkie


Survey Junkie Login

Signing up to be a Survey Junkie member is quite straightforward, taking just a few seconds.

I opted to create an account using my Facebook login, but I also could have used my Google login or just set up a new username and password. After that, you’ll need to confirm your email. Once I earned my first 25 points for confirming my identity, I was ready to really get the ball rolling!

Survey Junkie Rewards (Points)

In the first 30 minutes of being a member, I earned about $2 just from setting up my profile. Here’s how:

  1. Create an account (Earned my first 25 points!)
  2. Confirm your email address/identity
  3. Provide your ZIP Code
  4. Answer questions in your user profile (another 50 points)
  5. Take the new user tour they call “How it works” (5 points)
  6. Complete additional sub-profiles (10 points each) x 5

Start taking surveys (and get paid)

Some competitors to Survey Junkie (like Swagbucks) offer multiple ways to earn points, but Survey Junkie is 100% focused on surveys. That makes it insanely easy to use.

→ PRO TIP: If you’ve been intimidated by other paid survey sites with more complex point systems, Survey Junkie is for you.

As you can see in the picture below, the surveys available to you are very obvious. Surveys are either available or they’re not. The green “Take Survey” button is an obvious indicator.


Selecting a survey from this dashboard redirects you to a third party site. Each client that hires Survey Junkie has a slightly different site: how it looks, how it asks questions, etc.

The first screen typically asks “qualifying” questions to confirm you are a good fit for the survey. If you are, you’ll see something like this:

survey junkie review

Other times, you’ll find you do not qualify. In these instances, Survey Junkie awards you 3 points for answering the screening questions, anyway. Similarly, if you start a survey, but it has been answered by enough other participants, Survey Junkie will award you 2 points for trying.


Each day, I get emails alerting me to available surveys. I love that they tell me right in the subject line how long it will take:

As you take surveys, the dashboard is also an idiot-proof way to track how many points you’ve racked up:

How much money can I make with Survey Junkie?

Here’s the scoop on how the Survey Junkie point system works. It’s pretty simple:

  • 100 Survey Junkie points equals $1
  • Most surveys take 1-20 minutes and are worth 10-90 points ($.10-$.90)
  • You can redeem points by PayPal for cash or electronic gift cards once you have 1,000 points ($10)

Filling out all my basic profile information earned me 168 points, or $1.68. That’s not a bad start just for telling them about myself!

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Pros and Cons of Survey Junkie

Although you won’t get rich doing paid surveys and it is decidedly less lucrative than other ways to earn cash online, it is kinda the dream to make money while expending practically zero effort.

At dinner with friends last weekend, the hostess mentioned she does online surveys on her phone all the time. In fact, she said she most often does them while watching TV and feels like it’s a game to see if she’ll be the right customer for the survey.

On balance, there are a few pros and cons to consider as you decide if Survey Junkie is for you.


  • Free and simple to register as a member
  • It’s definitely not a scam
  • No special skills needed, nothing to install
  • New surveys constantly available, notification by email when eligible
  • Flexible payment options via PayPal or electronic gift cards
  • Earn points for answering screening questions
  • Extensive FAQ and good customer support


  • With no Survey Junkie app for mobile, surveys are designed to be done on a computer (may look odd on tablet/phone)
  • Survey questions are sometimes redundant
  • You may not qualify for some surveys

Survey Junkie Review Summary

If you’ve been thinking about joining a paid survey site, Survey Junkie is an awesome place to start. The simplicity of the site makes it beginner-friendly and the points they award for signing up pays nearly $2 in itself.

What do you have to lose? Probably not much. Join the 100,000+ who are already making money with Survey Junkie.

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Dave DeClark

I just joined and I am enjoying the surveys…I have already cashed in my points for REAL MONEY!!!


How long does it take to cash out?


Vanessa it varies, I started on April 5th and cashed out on the 13th. And I did it again and just cashed out today with $13. It depends on if you do multiple surveys a day etc.

Joseph Marhefka

I understand that there are times by answering a few questions you do not qualify for a survey, BUT my peeve is there are many times I do not qualify as soon as I click on to do a survey (No questions asked). Generally I have been doing quite well but not qualifying as soon as I click on bugs me.

Samoun Moore

I love survey junkie ones I knew it was real I’m your best and faithful junkie lol I just wish you guys payed a lil more other than that it’s great I don’t have problems.


My main problem with this website is that it hasn’t given me new surveys in several days. It was a relatively good website, I might’ve been able to cash out after a week or so, but it’s completely unusable as of right now.


It’s simple to use, but lately I’ve been right at the end of a survey where they ask their demographic questions, and I’ve just spent 10-15 minutes on it, but it doesn’t redirect me back so I can get my points. I’ve missed out on two 45-50 points because of this. That’s missed money. 🙁


I have been answering surveys for about 8 days and already cash out 3 times ..its easy its fun and its real money.just be honest and answer truthful and you can make some extra fast cash.thank you survey junkie.

Joseph Marhefka

While I know Survey Junkie is a pass through for many surveys I find it hard to understand on how a survey can just come up on my screen but I am told I can’t do it because it is full. The other interesting thing I am receiving lately is I only click onto a survey and I am told I can not do it because I answered something wrong – remember I only clicked on to earn my 45 points. They paid well at first but the payoff is really getting bad.


I’ve been doing surveys at my desk for about 3 days and cashed out 10 dollars already. It sucks when half the surveys are 1-3 points cause I don’t qualify but the couple that do add up quick! I’m hoping to hit another payout in the next 3 days.

McKinley Jordan

From the comments I saw above I would love to do surveys to make extra cash, I can start today for I always have free time and have always had ideas to help improve companies products so I’m ready to start making money.


I feel it is a great way to make some extra money in a fun way


It does take a little while to make enough money to withdraw it, but in a couple weeks I have made about $60. Some surveys are more tedious than others, but it’s a good thing to do in your spare time for a little pocket change.

Dan Williams

How long doe’s it normally take to receive your gift cards? I requested a Walmart gift card 11 days ago and I have not yet received it.

Hmm — I believe the gift card delivery is generally instant/within a few minutes after email verification — you may want to reach out to their support to inquire about the status of it (it should be there by now I would believe).


Are there certain age limitations regarding which surveys can be taken or are they wide open about age? I live overseas, does that make a difference in taking all or some of the surveys?

Jay Glover

Mine cashed me out one time, tried to cash out again, and now it is saying that I have to contact customer support to verify my account.

That’s pretty standard. Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes!

Ronald Larry

I just started doing surveys this month, and I’ve cashed in 2 $20 gift cards at Walmart and got them quickly in my email (which was great). Now I’ve earned another $25, and tried to redeem it, but now it says have to contact customer support to verify account to redeem. I’ve emailed them, and now there saying a verification call is required. They say it could take up to 7 days…then they asked me if I want to delete my account? Of course I don’t want to delete my account, I earned another $25. Has anybody experienced this? Is this a scam?

Hey Ronald,

That’s pretty normal for the industry — they have protections in place that keep people from redeeming too many cards, too quickly. After you redeem your first few, it’s not uncommon for them to verify you’re a real-human user before releasing further earnings.

Hope that helps clarify things!

– Ben


I’ve tried Survey Junkie along with other sites as such. They are legit but, if making $2 an hour (if even that) is worth your time then there is a problem! There are better ways to make money online!


I wish they didn’t have to call me to verify my account so I can cash out because I do not answer calls that I cannot identify! They called me last week, and I saw the call, but had no idea who it was and I missed it. No way to call them back “we will be in touch with you on our next business day” — well, there are still a few hours left today, so we will see. Also, I got a robo call today that I answered because I thought it was Survey Junkie (but it was some recorded moron saying I was eligible for a medical brace–LUCKY ME!) Oh jeez.

Paul Miller

Just wanted to say, i racked up a little over 40$ on Survey Junkie.

I cashed out via direct deposit to my prepaid debit card on Friday. It is 9:45 PM on Monday and it was just loaded to my card. (It’s my first cash out.)

Survey Junkie is legit! (P.S. Anything 50$ and over takes customer support approval.) Don’t know if I’d go that far. Peace.

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