The Pink Tax: Why It Costs More to Be a Woman

The pink tax is the tendency for products and services marketed to women to cost more than those marketed to men. But is the pink tax real? If so, how can you avoid it and possibly repeal it all together?

Jen Smith 18 Nov

5 Financial Mistakes to Avoid This Holiday Season

According to a recent WalletHub survey, approximately 35 million Americans are still holding onto consumer debt that was racked up from 2018 holiday spending. Here are five common money mistakes to avoid this holiday season so you don’t have to start 2020 with any financial regrets.

Jeff Proctor 18 Nov

25 Programs to Get Free Money from the Government

If you’re facing a job loss, disability, or other factors that make it difficult to support your family, you may be elligible to get free Government money. According to U.S. Census data, 38.1 million people were living in poverty in 2018.

Jana Lynch 17 Nov

10 Best Business Books for 2019

The best business books can help entrepreneurs, freelancers, and executives improve their lives at home and on the job. And you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to benefit from these books. Anyone can benefit from improving their leadership, management, and communication skills.

Amy Beardsley 12 Sep

How to Make a Million Dollars on an Average Joe Salary

If you want to learn how to make a million dollars, you first have to make a plan. Some people succeed due to an inheritance, but many millionaires are self-made. If you think it’s impossible to become a millionaire, think again.

Cat Alford 21 Aug

Should Chores and Allowance Go Together? Here’s What the Experts Have to Say

Many experts agree on the merits of giving kids an allowance, but the disagreements arise when that income is based on completing household tasks. Should kids get paid to do chores? Here’s what the experts have to say.

Cat Alford 16 Aug

How to Get a Personal Loan

If you need to buy a car, you take out an auto loan. When you buy a house, you get a mortgage. But what if you need money for something like a wedding or home repair? You can take out a personal loan.

Anna Baluch 24 Jul

8 Steps to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

It’s a common scenario for most people: you only have a few dollars left by the time payday rolls around, Learn more on how to stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Lindsay VanSomeren 19 Jul

Whole Life vs. Universal Life – What’s the Difference?

Since whole life and universal life are both permanent insurance policies, it’s easy to get them confused. Both types of policies build a cash value, but there are some major differences you should know about before signing on the dotted line.

Sa El 14 May

What is Term Life Insurance and Do You Need It?

Term life insurance is a financial product that can protect families if someone passes away. The premiums stay the same for the specific term which makes it easy for families to budget. An insurance broker can provide term life insurance quotes.

Amy Beardsley 13 May