Credit Karma Review: Is it Accurate, Free, and Safe to Use?

Credit Karma has been offering members free access to their credit scores since 2008 and full credit reports since 2014. Its mission is to give people free tools and recommendations to help them feel confident about their finances.

Jen Smith 24 Nov

Credit Sesame vs Credit Karma: Which Free Tool Is Better?

Credit Karma and Credit Sesame are websites where you can check your credit score for free, and you don’t have to provide a credit card. But how do they compare and which one is better?

Jen Smith 19 Nov

How to Check Your Credit Score for Free

Knowing where your credit score stands is part of your total financial health package. And nowadays, you don’t even have to pay to check your credit score. Find out which sites let you check your credit score for free.

Lindsay VanSomeren 19 Jul

7 Simple Steps to Increase Your Credit Score

A good credit score is essential if you need a loan to start a business, buy a house, or pay your child’s college tuition. You can improve your credit score by making just a few simple changes to your finances.

Lindsay VanSomeren 05 Jun

9 Credit Card Fees to Look Out for (and How to Avoid Them)

Credit cards provide greater security than debit cards or cash, and the convenience they provide is awesome. But the reality is that there are credit card fees. Here are the top fees to look out for and how you can avoid paying them.

Camilo Maldonado 10 May

Why Your Credit Score Range Matters and How to Improve It

Your credit score range has a significant impact on your financial life. You may already know your credit score. However, are you aware of the significance of your credit score range and how it can impact your ability to obtain new lines of credit?

Jeff Proctor 15 Apr

Why Did My Credit Score Drop? 6 Things to Look Out For

There are a number of factors that could cause your credit score to drop significantly. If you want to improve your credit score, you need to know what’s causing your credit score to drop in the first place.

Richmond Howard 20 Feb

How to Freeze Your Credit If You Need To Stop Fraud In Its Tracks

It seems like big corporate data breaches are happening just about every day now. Learn how to freeze your credit so that potential creditors can’t look at your credit report and therefore fraudsters can’t open accounts in your name.

Lindsay VanSomeren 06 Feb

The Ultimate Credit Sesame Review: Is it Safe and Do You Need it?

In this Credit Sesame review, we cover the pros and cons of this free credit score and reporting tool, including a breakdown of their basic and premium services, as well as some frequently asked questions from our readers.

TJ Porter 19 Nov