Zina Kumok

Zina Kumok

Hi, I’m Zina! I’m a personal finance expert with a passion for helping millennials figure out their most pressing financial issues. My interest is personal — I paid off my student loans in three years and have been helping others take control of their finances ever since.

My work has been featured in the Washington Post, Fox Business, Time, QuickenLoans, LendingTree, Forbes, Money.com, Mint, and many more.

I currently live in Indianapolis, IN with my husband and two dogs.

What is a Checking Account, and When Should You Use One?

A checking account is a deposit account provided by banks and credit unions to store money for everyday use. Checking accounts are the more casual twin to savings accounts, which are meant to hold money for long-term use.

Zina Kumok 16 Jan

What is a CD Ladder (and Should You Have One)?

A CD ladder is a great way to maximize interest earnings on your short-term savings while maintaining the flexibility of a regular savings account. Here’s what you may want to use a CD ladder for and how to set it up.

Zina Kumok 14 Jan