Lindsay VanSomeren

Lindsay VanSomerenLindsay is a personal finance expert and writer based in Washington state. After graduating with two degrees in Wildlife Biology and Conservation, Lindsay found herself underemployed and $100,000 in debt.

She has since learned how to manage money wisely and uses her experience to help others make smart financial decisions. Today, her work appears on sites like Credit Karma, Magnify Money, Wisebread, Centsai, Discover, and Chime Bank.

In her spare time, Lindsay enjoys hiking, reading, homebrewing, travel hacking, and sharing her personal experience on her own blog,

Checking vs. Savings Account: What’s the Difference? (Plus Extra Tips)

When you think about checking vs. savings accounts, they seem almost identical at first glance. Both are used to safely store your money. But when you boil it down, there are some major differences between these two types of accounts.

Lindsay VanSomeren 20 Jan

What are Savings Accounts and How Should You Use Them?

A savings account is a type of deposit account offered by banks and credit unions. They are insured up to $250,000 and limited to six withdrawals per month. To understand how savings accounts work, you first have to know how banks operate.

Lindsay VanSomeren 16 Jan

Direct Deposit: What It Is and How to Use It

In our grandparents’ days, standing in line at the bank every other Friday while waiting to deposit your paycheck was a collective pastime. Nowadays, there’s a new tool in town that’s become a lot more popular: direct deposit.

Lindsay VanSomeren 09 Jan

Online Banking Pros and Cons: Here’s What You Need to Know

Digital banking — using either mobile or computer-based methods — is the preferred method of two-thirds of Americans these days. Online banking is designed to make your life simpler, but there still are a few things to know before you dive in headfirst.

Lindsay VanSomeren 31 Dec