Jeff Proctor

Jeff Proctor, Co-Founder of DollarSprout.comJeff graduated from Virginia Tech in 2013 with a B.S. in Biochemistry, but he’s always been a bit of a money-nerd.

After working one on one with clients for nearly three years in private wealth management, Jeff launched with his business partner and long time friend, Ben Huber.  A few entrepreneurial stumbles and lots of lessons learned along the way, he and Ben have created one of the fastest growing personal finance blogs on the internet.

Jeff has been quoted as a personal finance expert in several online publications, including Entrepreneur, GoBankingRates, Student Loan Hero,, Credit Karma, The Simple Dollar, US News & World Report, Lifehacker, MSN Money, Moneyish, Zumper, IdeaMensch, Discover Bank, PrimeRates,, Yahoo! Finance, Club Thrifty, Guru Focus, Rent Track, Fit Small Business, Coupon Chief, and more.

To date, DollarSprout has helped over a million readers get a better handle on their finances. All of the content on DollarSprout is crafted with the intent to help readers worry less about money and make smarter financial choices — an important mission to Ben and Jeff.

Outside of work, Jeff is an avid golfer (read: avid, not good), and he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Paige, and his dog, Annie.

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