Jamaica Winship, MBA

Jamaica is a freelance personal finance writer who loves sharing her money insights with DollarSprout readers all over the world. Outside of her writing, she is an expert in business growth and development, specializing in digital marketing.

Jamaica graduated from USC’s Marshall School of Business with an Executive MBA in 2013.  Before that earned her Bachelors degree in Business from California Polytechnic State University in 2000.

She has over 18 years of marketing experience in multiple industries.

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I Need Money Today: 26 Ways to Earn Cash When You Desperately Need It

Sometimes life throws you curveballs and you scratch your head thinking, “Man, I need money NOW. But how!?” Trust me, friend — it’s not impossible! Check out these 20 ways to get money today when time is of the essence.

Jamaica Winship 14 Oct

Discover Bank Review: Online Savings, Checking, CDs, and MMA

Is online banking with Discover right for you? In this Discover Bank review, we’re going to cover the pros and cons of Discover’s four main banking products: Online Savings Account, Cash Back Checking, Certificates of Deposit (CDs), Money Market Account (MMA).

Jamaica Winship 24 Sep

Rakuten Review 2019: How Does the Cash Back App Work? Is it Legit?

Rakuten is a cashback website that saves users up to 40% when shopping online. But how does Rakuten work? Does it live up to all the hype? Our Rakuten review covers everything you need to know about how to save money with Rakuten.

Jamaica Winship 11 May

Make Your Resume Stand Out With These 11 Extracurricular Activities

Choosing the right extracurricular activities prior to entering the workforce really can make your resume stand out (with no experience). With 1.8 million people graduating from college with bachelor’s degrees each year, it’s pretty important to distinguish yourself from those that have little-to-no real-world work experience. From corporate positions and full-time work from home gigs,…

Jamaica Winship 20 Apr

13 Sneaky Ways to Get Free Gift Cards (Apple, Amazon, Visa & More)

It seems like every day there’s a new way to earn points online to redeem for gift cards. I’ve tried most of them, and here are my top 13 favorites. One of them involves zero technology whatsoever!

Jamaica Winship 23 Feb

5 Home Exercise Programs Under $25 that Will Kick Your Butt into Shape

I prefer inexpensive, flexible workouts that I can do on my own terms. Fortunately, there are options for people like you and me, which is what I’m sharing with you today. Here are the 5 best home exercise programs out there — all less than $25.

Jamaica Winship 09 Jan

How to Save Money at Starbucks: 15 Ways to Get Cheap Starbucks Drinks

If you’re a Starbucks addict (who isn’t?), then you’re probably wondering how to make your habit less expensive. Here are 14 tips to help you save money on Starbucks so you can spoil yourself guilt-free!

Jamaica Winship 01 Oct

7 Cute Ways Dog Lovers Can Make Money with Their Canine Pals

It turns out there are a lot of ways you can make money with your dog. Some of them are surprisingly easy, and most of them provide adventure and extra quality time for you and your pup.

Jamaica Winship 29 Sep