Amy Beardsley

Amy Beardsley

Amy is a freelance writer with bachelor degrees in business administration and legal studies. She has a passion for personal finance and is on a mission to help everyday families develop better money habits and escape the burden of debt. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, Money Tips, and various other personal finance publications.

Amy makes her home in Michigan where she serves as a Girl Scout leader and teaches work-force development training to low-skilled workers in her community. When she’s not writing about money or perfecting her budgeting spreadsheet, Amy enjoys playing board games with her family and watching Marvel movies.

What is a Prepaid Card? Pros and Cons of Prepaid Debit Cards

If you’re one of the 14.1 million adults in the U.S. without a checking account, a prepaid debit card may be your best option. A prepaid card allows you to pay with a card but still withdraw cash when you need it.

Amy Beardsley 31 May

Where Can I Get Cash Back with a Debit Card?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could combine a few errands into a single trip? Thanks to stores that give cash back on debit card purchases, you may be able to do your shopping and bank transactions in one location.

Amy Beardsley 30 May

The Difference Between a Credit Card vs. Debit Card and When to Use Each

Debit cards and credit cards look almost identical. They each have 16-digit card numbers and security codes. While both offer protection and convenience over carrying cash, there are some major differences between these two card types that could significantly impact your wallet.

Amy Beardsley 29 May

What is Term Life Insurance and Do You Need It?

Term life insurance is a financial product that can protect families if someone passes away. The premiums stay the same for the specific term which makes it easy for families to budget. An insurance broker can provide term life insurance quotes.

Amy Beardsley 13 May

Personal Capital Budgeting and Investment Analysis Review

The Personal Capital app offers two separate services: Free Financial Tools and Wealth Management. In this review, we cover how the app works, the tools and services offered, and answer some important questions to know before you sign up.

Amy Beardsley 02 May

What Type of Life Insurance Should I Get?

Sorting through the different types of life insurance – whole, universal, or term – can be a challenge. Each type of life insurance comes with its own unique benefits and drawbacks. In the end, the best choice depends on your situation.

Amy Beardsley 01 May

7 Types of Insurance That Will Cover Unforeseen Events

Insurance is a necessary part of your financial life, but do you have all the coverage you need? With so many different types of insurance available, you might be overlooking a crucial one putting your financial health at risk.

Amy Beardsley 30 Apr

What is a Cashier’s Check and How Can I Get One?

If you’ve never had to use a cashier’s check, you probably think it’s an outdated concept. Who uses checks, anyway?  While it’s true that people are writing fewer checks for smaller transactions, sometimes you still need a check when making larger purchases.

Amy Beardsley 20 Mar

What is a Bear Market and Should I Be Worried When It Happens?

With the recent volatility, 2018 saw the biggest drop since the Great Depression. When prices start to fall, it could be a simple correction or the start of a bear market. How do you know if you should be worried?

Amy Beardsley 28 Feb

8 Things You Need to Know About a Stock Market Correction

Despite the expectation of daily stock market changes, the impending scare of big drops looms. Emerging now from the worst year for investors in a decade, it’s likely 2019 will be another volatile year for the stock market. Still, there’s no need to panic.

Amy Beardsley 22 Feb